Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sitting on Pauls couch, Rerecorded Advent as it turns out I can't seem to remember what key we write things in. Go me.

I have to pull all the tracks out of Reason and throw them into logic....which I keep putting off cause this song has a lot of tracks in it, but you know..whatever. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Hopefully get it worked on tonight, and then that's done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Long time no see.

Ive been busy with school and life, I could make up some excuse but it woudl just be a lie. THe Venetian broke up, so it goes.

The majority of the songs were assimilated into The Cancer Years, what coudl be saved was saved, what couldn't will be held onto. The Cancer Years is all up and away. We finished 3 songs in the past several weeks and are going strong to have en EP finished soon. I am pushing for us to make a 2 song ep and just give them away. No point in really charging for two songs. As it stands we have 5. which is well enough to start playing shows, now to practice and get an actual set together and get out there.

Planes is really intermittant as I am focusing so much on The Cancer years, the plus side of all this is I am a much better guitar player(much is a relative term). know. Whatever.

Presently I am stuck at work, I keep going back and forth on Planes wanting to work on it and wanting to focus more on The Cancer Years.

I am hoping to start playing Cancer Years shows then slowly work on Planes, I am in no hurry. The songs are mostly written. I'd like to find some other people to work on it. I don't want The Cancer Years to seem like the band Paul sings on and Planes to seem like the band I sing in.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

He wears a lot of purple for a white guy

OK. So the Venetian School of Painters is a go. We made buttons, I don't remember what I said in the last blog I posted but we did. Even made a
craptastic Myspace

I am going to make a website, but I want us to be ready to play shows before I launch the thing. Its in the works next month I believe.

If you are too lazy to click the link the video is at the bottom of this.

Tentatively(I wonder how many times I have written that in here) it's Sam and I doing just about everything. Gene is filling in on synths and bass, Sarah is on Violin and synths, Paul is playing guitar and alt. percussion.

It's like a full band for once. The goal is to finish 6 songs and start playing shows come August. We have two instrumentals finished, Paul and Sam are actively writing guitar parts for those two and Sarah is writing a violin part for one.

I am knee deep and finishing the third, which is going to be played...first. Its the intro or maybe the outro, depending on how it ends.

basically. we are doing a lot of work in no time. Thank god I took this term off.

My buddy Scott who runs
a record label
was talking about putting out a 7" for us. I guess more on that as it develops, Sam wants it to happen, and I want it to happen so it probably WILL happen. As we are running this

Planes and The Cancer Years are both on an indefinite hiatus...cause...damnit if I wasn't sick of working on Planes, and Paul and I lost a member in The Cancer Years, so it was put on hold.

Though, one of the songs we are working on, its backburnered at the moment, but its a Planes song. That should be entertaining.

As I said up top, heres the video for the "teaser" Venetian songs.

I'm in the process of making another as I type this.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

everytime I sit down to write something I lose all the words.

we started a new band, The Venetian School. We have buttons and other stuff and videos.

9 songs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wow, haven't updated in a while, I have been busy with school and work and life.

I am going to do a for real update tomorrow.

Im super tired.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


ok well, I joined Cicero, which is Pauls band, "90's Christian Emo...back when it was good" according to them. I play keys(duh) and we played our first show last night. It went pretty well, the Triton dropped out during the second song for some reason I never figured out. but we kept on and it turned out ok. The nice thing about being the new guy, no one knows your parts, you can really just play whatever you want and no one knows the difference.

Planes finished a song, it's up on the Myspace, peopel seem to like it. It finally grew on me and I can play it for people without cringing. So that is good.

working on another song, which may or may not get worked on this weekend, we haven't touched the gaze stuff in so long that it is time to get back on that.

Not really much else to report, sloww week. Links to follow: <-- Pauls band <-- New song I did

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Everyone thinks they will be the one to save you.

So again, lack of updates. What can I say, the terms ending I have been busy. I am sitting in an MSD class, which is a one day one credit class. 8 hours sitting in a room listening to a lady talk about "Team Building" I was hoping it would have something to do with teamsters...but that doesn't look like the case.

Planes, finished a song, that is some crazy news. As planes hasn't finished a song in over 2 years.

I should be paying attention, more on this later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wow I'm lazy

I haven't posted in about a month cause I have been in and out of Portland, I went to Nashville for a week. Talked shop with my stepfather, got some ideas on better drum placement.

I picked up my two guitars while I was there. One is an Epiphone Les Paul II, which is a total piece-o-junk BUT, I am hopefully going to do a KP1 mod to it, and if so it's going to be amazing.

Then I bought a Lawsuit Gibson Les Paul, which is basically an Identical copy of a regular les paul for about 1200 dollars cheaper. Dude was kind enough to put in some really awesome pickups so now I have an amazing LP.

So I got it and I was like WTF I need an amp. So I went down to trade up and bought a Peavey Stereo Chorus 212. Which is basically the amp I wanted(I used to have one). So that worked out nicely.

The shoegaze hasn't been worked on, but Planes has a bit. I am getting ideas for things. Just been knee deep in Math homework so i can't do anything.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gods last name is not DAMN

Ok, well I was saying something about new developments, and either A: I posted it somewhere else or B: I completely forgot to post it. Anyway, it's been an interesting few weeks around Planes world HQ, IE my bedroom. I bought a rack sampler. An EMU ESI-32:

It's nothing super fancy, it's not expanded but the memory is maxed out, at 32 megs so that is nice. I also got about 7 disks with it. Surprisingly the Strings sound better than the M1 does.

Moving along:

I went to trade up with Paul, and we were toying aroudn the idea of rack gear and I foudn a monstro rack nox with hinges and awesomeness that I can't seem to remember the name of so I can't find a picture, I will update later with it though. I also picked up a rack light for it. It's red. Sup @sex lights, and so I threw everything in there it's nice to have a cable management system and only have to run out one power outlet.

Lastly, the major purchase, I have spent a really long time trying to save up or have enough money to get out of the bargain basement synths. I have waited YEARS to be able to get something really nice and finally after a really long time and plenty of comparing and a/bing and reading

Matt bought a motherfucking Triton:

And it is amazing, it came with the Studio Essentials, which as far as I can tell has a bunch of EP's and choir sounds....less than impressive. BUT I can max out the sampling and have a total of 96 megs of ram at my disposal between this and the EMU, that's a whole lotta sampling. That and I mean....seriously...It has a touch screen. What more could you want?

I spent about 20 minutes with it last night and almost rewrote the Keely violin parts in it, it's just ridiculously easy to work with and I love it.

I was thinking of buying an RM1x, but my gear lust only goes so far, I have the money for it...I just wonder how much use I will get out of it.