Sunday, December 30, 2007

woo, sorry for the lack of updates, I don't know who I am apologizing too no one actually knows about this let alone reads it, whatevs.

Anyway, Keely is almost finished just have to mix it and rearrange a couple of the parts then comes vocals, and voila finished song.

Other then that the shoegaze is going a long at a steady clip and I am on my way to purchasing a bunch of new boards.

so yeah things are on the upswing.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

wow, haven't updated in like 2 weeks. Well I went down to Klamath with a mission for some clarity as to where I was going. Planes as just me is/as/was is always a big crapshoot I never know where I am going with it. What's funny as I am better at handling direction when there are other people in the band. I ran most of the myspace/website/promotion with Travis, yet by myself I have no direction. It's weird. Anyway, I went down to get some direction and I did. I figured out the cover of the CD The track listing and the all around concept of the album. I came back and have promptly done nothing for two weeks. Well not nothing I wrote a lot of lyrics. I was trying to record vocals but my voice has been super tore up from having a cold, and then I tried to quit smoking..or am's going...ok. Vocals should be got going this week. I changed my mind it isn't going to be 2 it's going to be one full length. Shooting for 12 songs. I have 14 in the works, but most likely will have to bag at least two for lack of motivation or general flow issues.
So there it is.
I have a prototype of the cd, but I am not going to put it up here. I like how the booklet came out. Still some sizing and etc. issues, but it doesn’t need to be actually done for a long time so whatever.
So yes, expect some song leaks soon.
The shoe gaze band is going along at a steady clip it seems whenever we get together we record something new. Paul and I have gotten together 4 times and we have 2 finished songs, and one partial. I have to record another string part for a song. Layering 3 string parts sure is fun let me tell you. 1 reason one, one from the ESQ1 and one from the M1 = LOUD
I also finally get to use the ESQ1 minimoog bass line that I have been wanting to use for like ever.
For some reason the multimix works BEAUTIFULLY at Paul’s but not at all at my house. I don't fully understand that.