Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Common Law Marriage

Well, going down to Southern Oregon over the next few days, no updates from down there, as I won't have intertubes. Which is good. I want to rejuvenate myself. I have been pretty down on working on stuff. Even though I DID write the most amazing piano part for Escapism last night, I am now referring to it as "Away with Words".

I was complaining to one of my roommates about not knowing how to solder and how I wanted to fix the broken ESQ1, but couldn’t afford to/didn't want to pay someone to look at it, and he says, "I can solder anything." So I pull out the broken ESQ1 and he solders it in and voila I now have two ESQ1’s. The keyboard doesn’t work for some reason, but I wasn’t willing to look at it last night. When I get back I am going to try and get it at full specs then probably flip it and buy back my DW8000.

Back to Escapism, I never fully liked the song. I thought there was more we could do with it but we didn't. I am bringing the little midi board and the laptop with me; so hopefully on some down time I am going to fix up Escapism some more. I have MOST of the lyrics written so it's on the chopping block.

This weekend I am going to be putting the finishing touches on Separation Anxiety and Away with Words. I keep telling Tara I am going to work on Manhattans but I haven't got around to it yet. Sorry Tara :-/
I was discussing with Paul about how to do the album, if I should do two eps or one full album, a lot of the songs reference the same things and the ones that Travis and I were working on had been written AFTER the original songs, so they reference the original 5 songs. I can't really release the 5 songs, as it won't make much sense in the grand scheme of writing things.

So Paul suggests two EP's one of older stuff rewritten now. What that means I need to think of names for two that sort of go together or at least are a running theme. The songs that are going to be involved are, as of right now:

E.P 1

The Santa Monica Pier
Subtle Changes of The House
A Cartoon Sketch of a Decent Sensitive Guy

E.P 2

Separation Anxiety
Alternate Separation
Away With words

I will go through figure out what will work what won't etc, and well basically see what happens.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Sunny Day Diary of The Rising Tide of Circles

Ok, well we finished two of the shoegaze songs. I guess not TECHNICALLY finished due to Sam needing to record his bass parts on both but hey I mean that's something write? two songs in like 3 weeks? Shit yeah.

Anyway, I spent the past 4 hours trying to record a violin part the multimix kept fighting with me and I guess Cubase doesn't understand 6/8 time signatures so I couldn't get the metronome to work like at all. Finally though at a little past 3 it worked and I mixed it in finished some mixes on the other parts and here we have two new songs:


Monday, November 12, 2007


woo no updates for a bit, I was a little sickish. But I'm feeling better. Still feel like I got kicked in the junk though. Anyway,
Tremendous headway on the Shoegaze project tentatively titled The Cancer Years. Yes I am reusing a band name I have used in the past, bad form? I doubt it.
Sam has to come over and record a bass line and we have one shoegaze song finished. I have to record another synth bass line and we have 1 and a half songs finished. Hopefully doing that tonight.

Planes has been off to a rocky start, mainly I have been concentrating on the shoegaze so much I haven't had a chance to work on it.
I finished the new lyrics for Manhattans, having some issues with For Hannah, which is probably going to be called separation Anxiety. I can't get the feel I want. As it is I am recording the Marimba for that tonight since I have the main progression finished. I really need to clean up the prechorus/chrous's and I'll be done with those.
I also need to write the guitar part in the new key.

Then it's off to reworking Manhattans, I don't really have much to do on that one, Pretty sure I handled a majority of the parts. so that one should go quick.
Still trying to get the parts right for Keely, need to clean up my playing A LOT.
Regular updates will commence this eve.

If I get the shoegaze song finished tonight, I will pull down the one on the myspace as it isn't EQ'd and the lead part is off.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Da Tube

Ok so finished moving For it's new key, have to run it by a few people before I record the pianos + marimba. I was working on a guitar part until I moved it to a new key. Now I have to start over with that. I'm thinking about subbing out the bass for a different...bass, aswell. Then I have to finish up the lyrics that are slowly coming together and that song will be done.

When Travis and I were working on it, I think he suggested we name it Separation Anxiety jokingly, I suggested muchausen syndrome. Now that the lyrics are shaping up the way they are I am thinking about renaming it that, Separation Anxiety...not Munchausen Syndrome. We'll see I guess.

Manhattans is next, finished the lyrics today, I am sure I will end up changing them but I atleast have a really good feeling of where the song is going, taking out the janky guitar part and violin part at the end and subbing in something...interesting if I can get it to work right that song will be equal if not above awesome.

Lastly, I haven't been handing this address out but I have told a few people. Does anyone actually read this? If so, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Well Paul and I recorded one of the shoegaze songs, it still needs a bit of work, so I am sure I will be taking it back down again at somepoint. Sam needs to record the bass line on it.
But it is something.
I am still knee deep in doing changes to the planes songs I am going to work on. Currently For Hannah is on the chopping block, hoping to have it done in the next day or two, then gotta record guitars and vocals and move on to Greyhounds(manhattans).
feel free to add that.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

The mono synth in reason 4:

Good lord people. I may just have to upgrade. The Arp. alone makes me want to, but this is a whole new animal here. They didn't just add some more shit in like they did with three. They rebuilt the motherfucker. This seems to be the main shot they are throwing around the internets.

I also got Midiquest XL going(I say also even though I don't have Reason 4, it will only be a matter of time before I jump ship though) I haven't..well...plugged it in yet. Mainly cause I am too lazy. I can see the midi cables in the back of the M1 from where I am sitting, but I don't really feel like plugging it in. I'm sure the damn thing isn't going to work right so I'll have to fix umpteen things just to get it to trigger. Which causes me to not want to get up and just sit here.

Saturdays my big day for all this.