Monday, November 12, 2007


woo no updates for a bit, I was a little sickish. But I'm feeling better. Still feel like I got kicked in the junk though. Anyway,
Tremendous headway on the Shoegaze project tentatively titled The Cancer Years. Yes I am reusing a band name I have used in the past, bad form? I doubt it.
Sam has to come over and record a bass line and we have one shoegaze song finished. I have to record another synth bass line and we have 1 and a half songs finished. Hopefully doing that tonight.

Planes has been off to a rocky start, mainly I have been concentrating on the shoegaze so much I haven't had a chance to work on it.
I finished the new lyrics for Manhattans, having some issues with For Hannah, which is probably going to be called separation Anxiety. I can't get the feel I want. As it is I am recording the Marimba for that tonight since I have the main progression finished. I really need to clean up the prechorus/chrous's and I'll be done with those.
I also need to write the guitar part in the new key.

Then it's off to reworking Manhattans, I don't really have much to do on that one, Pretty sure I handled a majority of the parts. so that one should go quick.
Still trying to get the parts right for Keely, need to clean up my playing A LOT.
Regular updates will commence this eve.

If I get the shoegaze song finished tonight, I will pull down the one on the myspace as it isn't EQ'd and the lead part is off.

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