Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sitting on Pauls couch, Rerecorded Advent as it turns out I can't seem to remember what key we write things in. Go me.

I have to pull all the tracks out of Reason and throw them into logic....which I keep putting off cause this song has a lot of tracks in it, but you know..whatever. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Hopefully get it worked on tonight, and then that's done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Long time no see.

Ive been busy with school and life, I could make up some excuse but it woudl just be a lie. THe Venetian broke up, so it goes.

The majority of the songs were assimilated into The Cancer Years, what coudl be saved was saved, what couldn't will be held onto. The Cancer Years is all up and away. We finished 3 songs in the past several weeks and are going strong to have en EP finished soon. I am pushing for us to make a 2 song ep and just give them away. No point in really charging for two songs. As it stands we have 5. which is well enough to start playing shows, now to practice and get an actual set together and get out there.

Planes is really intermittant as I am focusing so much on The Cancer years, the plus side of all this is I am a much better guitar player(much is a relative term). know. Whatever.

Presently I am stuck at work, I keep going back and forth on Planes wanting to work on it and wanting to focus more on The Cancer Years.

I am hoping to start playing Cancer Years shows then slowly work on Planes, I am in no hurry. The songs are mostly written. I'd like to find some other people to work on it. I don't want The Cancer Years to seem like the band Paul sings on and Planes to seem like the band I sing in.