Saturday, April 5, 2008


ok well, I joined Cicero, which is Pauls band, "90's Christian Emo...back when it was good" according to them. I play keys(duh) and we played our first show last night. It went pretty well, the Triton dropped out during the second song for some reason I never figured out. but we kept on and it turned out ok. The nice thing about being the new guy, no one knows your parts, you can really just play whatever you want and no one knows the difference.

Planes finished a song, it's up on the Myspace, peopel seem to like it. It finally grew on me and I can play it for people without cringing. So that is good.

working on another song, which may or may not get worked on this weekend, we haven't touched the gaze stuff in so long that it is time to get back on that.

Not really much else to report, sloww week. Links to follow: <-- Pauls band <-- New song I did