Tuesday, July 8, 2008

He wears a lot of purple for a white guy

OK. So the Venetian School of Painters is a go. We made buttons, I don't remember what I said in the last blog I posted but we did. Even made a
craptastic Myspace

I am going to make a website, but I want us to be ready to play shows before I launch the thing. Its in the works next month I believe.

If you are too lazy to click the link the video is at the bottom of this.

Tentatively(I wonder how many times I have written that in here) it's Sam and I doing just about everything. Gene is filling in on synths and bass, Sarah is on Violin and synths, Paul is playing guitar and alt. percussion.

It's like a full band for once. The goal is to finish 6 songs and start playing shows come August. We have two instrumentals finished, Paul and Sam are actively writing guitar parts for those two and Sarah is writing a violin part for one.

I am knee deep and finishing the third, which is going to be played...first. Its the intro or maybe the outro, depending on how it ends.

basically. we are doing a lot of work in no time. Thank god I took this term off.

My buddy Scott who runs
a record label
was talking about putting out a 7" for us. I guess more on that as it develops, Sam wants it to happen, and I want it to happen so it probably WILL happen. As we are running this here...school.

Planes and The Cancer Years are both on an indefinite hiatus...cause...damnit if I wasn't sick of working on Planes, and Paul and I lost a member in The Cancer Years, so it was put on hold.

Though, one of the songs we are working on, its backburnered at the moment, but its a Planes song. That should be entertaining.

As I said up top, heres the video for the "teaser" Venetian songs.

I'm in the process of making another as I type this.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

everytime I sit down to write something I lose all the words.

we started a new band, The Venetian School. We have buttons and other stuff and videos.

9 songs.