Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gods last name is not DAMN

Ok, well I was saying something about new developments, and either A: I posted it somewhere else or B: I completely forgot to post it. Anyway, it's been an interesting few weeks around Planes world HQ, IE my bedroom. I bought a rack sampler. An EMU ESI-32:

It's nothing super fancy, it's not expanded but the memory is maxed out, at 32 megs so that is nice. I also got about 7 disks with it. Surprisingly the Strings sound better than the M1 does.

Moving along:

I went to trade up with Paul, and we were toying aroudn the idea of rack gear and I foudn a monstro rack nox with hinges and awesomeness that I can't seem to remember the name of so I can't find a picture, I will update later with it though. I also picked up a rack light for it. It's red. Sup @sex lights, and so I threw everything in there it's nice to have a cable management system and only have to run out one power outlet.

Lastly, the major purchase, I have spent a really long time trying to save up or have enough money to get out of the bargain basement synths. I have waited YEARS to be able to get something really nice and finally after a really long time and plenty of comparing and a/bing and reading

Matt bought a motherfucking Triton:

And it is amazing, it came with the Studio Essentials, which as far as I can tell has a bunch of EP's and choir sounds....less than impressive. BUT I can max out the sampling and have a total of 96 megs of ram at my disposal between this and the EMU, that's a whole lotta sampling. That and I mean....seriously...It has a touch screen. What more could you want?

I spent about 20 minutes with it last night and almost rewrote the Keely violin parts in it, it's just ridiculously easy to work with and I love it.

I was thinking of buying an RM1x, but my gear lust only goes so far, I have the money for it...I just wonder how much use I will get out of it.