Friday, November 2, 2007

Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

The mono synth in reason 4:

Good lord people. I may just have to upgrade. The Arp. alone makes me want to, but this is a whole new animal here. They didn't just add some more shit in like they did with three. They rebuilt the motherfucker. This seems to be the main shot they are throwing around the internets.

I also got Midiquest XL going(I say also even though I don't have Reason 4, it will only be a matter of time before I jump ship though) I haven't..well...plugged it in yet. Mainly cause I am too lazy. I can see the midi cables in the back of the M1 from where I am sitting, but I don't really feel like plugging it in. I'm sure the damn thing isn't going to work right so I'll have to fix umpteen things just to get it to trigger. Which causes me to not want to get up and just sit here.

Saturdays my big day for all this.

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