Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My boat is great

I spent last night again fighting with the multimix, finally got an update and it seems to be working ok. Alesis finlly got their isht together and did an update that works. It seems the issue that Travis and I had before was well documented. It seems that these mixers do NOT like dual core laptops. Since Travis and I both used dual core laptops, it never worked. I am tempted to break out the old superchili black box, put it back toegther and run everything through it. I do have very limited space, and the desktop is MASSIVE, due to my server racks and what have you. That is a metric ton of work though just to record some damn guitars.
Either way, don't buy the multimix if you want to use it for a laptop. On the plus side, they finally came out with the rack ears for the thing.
After my hour and a half fight with the multimix, I got it to work. When I moved into my house the guy who lived there before me left this takamine guitar, you can see it in the post below this. I dunno where he got the idea but he gave it a "wicked" and "phat" paint job. The guitar itself sounds amazing, however it's ugly as sin. I used that with the SM57 Travis let me borrow and got some amazing sound out of it. It just sucks that by the time I got everything setup I didn't want to deal with the damn thing anymore. I persevered and got something down. I played in punk bands for so long I could afford to be a little sloppy of a player and hide it under distortion. Now I play the acoustic and my sloppiness comes through. Working on that more than anything else right now.
I Spoke to Alec for about an hour last night, I got the original version of "I have a boat" which was Alecs song about my 1973 Lincoln Continental I used to drive, also talked to him about re-rerecording Untitled number 4. We both remember how to play it so I am going to try my hand at redoing it in Reason, recording the rhythm parts and having him do the leads. Alec wrote the guitar parts for The Cancer Years way back in 2003, he was 17 at the time, and the song was phenomenal, and I had written these random lyrics and they matched up perfectly, though sadly we never go to record the damn thing. So we discussed it last night and it's time we do the song proper. He's damn and I'm down so why the hell not.
It's kinda like the Postal Service, only he's in Meheeco.
I have been slowly pulling apart the planes songs. Trying to get a feel of how I would like to do them. It's slow, but there are so many other things I am working on that the older songs are taking a big back seat to everything else.
we shall see how it will go.

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