Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I ran out of bullets

Well, I got a little of what I said done. Paul and I and sam worked on the shoegaze song. It went really well. I am going to try and post a link. It has no guitars or bass so at this point it's kinda pointless. So, maybe I won't

Pictures from that:

Paul next to the synths.

Sam in Pauls garage.

More Sam in Pauls garage.

I'm an amazing photographer.

That was Friday, Satruday I bought an M1, my second. I sold the first to get weighted keys, and regretted it constantly, so I picked up another one. The guy who sold it to me had basically formatted it, no sounds, no combis and even the mod joystick didn't work. It DID come with a memory card though(hello 100 bucks on ebay) So it was a steal.

Generic Picture:

I spent 2 hours using midiox tryign to get the sysex back in and nothing, 10 pages of googling later I found a little program that did it in two seconds. I know have a fully functional m1 for dirt cheap.

One of the keys is missing, so gotta put in an order to, of all places, a guitar parts website. 10 bucks for one key? wtf.

Sunday today, was spent recording guitars at Pauls, I got most of Keely recorded and am going to finish what I can here, or wait till I go back for more shoegaze work.

I have a boom mic now, so shits WAYYY easier.

Anyway a few more pictures:

The broken SQ-1, on its way downstairs

This is what happens when you date a musician.

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