Monday, October 15, 2007

Numero Uno

I guess I should introduce myself, My name is Matthew.

I was in various bands across Oregon and Nashville Tennessee. these bands is/are/were:

The Cancer Years, Pinguino, Planes, untitled shoegaze project, Kid Fusion, and the original Morning After Spring.

I played guitar, in most, synths in some, and wrote a lot in others.

These are all bands no ones ever heard of unless you know me, so take that how you will.

That should be good enough for now.

As it stands, yesterday bleeding into today, Paul and I have started an unnamed shoegaze project. It will feature us and a guy from the band airplane to nowhere/Twilight Army who is moving up here.

He's on drums, I'm on guitar/synths, paul is on guitars/synths and most likely vocals.

We started preliminary tracks yesterday, and ended up with a short string part over some automated noise. So far so good.

Planes, is the main band I am in. I seem to have forgot how to do direct links. When I remember there will be links to everything.

Planes has been going on and off for about a year and a half. we have 8 songs that are all around 78% finished. Travis and I finished up the instrumentals on all but one Saturday and so tonight - Friday I am mixing and mastering the two that are now ready for that then hopefully finishing the 3rd(which makes 8) guitars on saturday.

track listing is as follows, in no apparent order:
2.Karmic Debt
3.For Hannah..

All in all, not bad for a demo.

THe last project currently in the works is Kid Fusion and Prof. Boom, which consists of MC Gene, and me on the whatever we think of. Basically a hip hop project in the veign of MC Chris, Grand buffet.

We haven't worked on it yet, I am awaiting Gene to get going, not sure if it will go anywhere and I am not sure I can be in three bands, work full time, and go to school.

I suppose, we shall see.

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