Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tentatively I am continuing on as Planes solo. I am not making any huge plans with it, but out of the 8 songs we as Planes did I am going to rewrite and redo:
For Hannah
Escapism( Maybe, I am not such a huge fan of this one)

I am also going to do a Cancer Years song and a Pinguino song

Untitled Number 4, and The Santa Monica Pier.

I am taking care with which Planes songs I am going to do, I am not going to use the ones that had a more heavy input by Travis so as I don't step on any toes. that is the reason I am not doing, Karma, or mass, or Insomnia.

I also have a few other ideas I am kicking around. I don't want to go into any huge details as I am notorious for forgettign what I am doing and not doing the things I speak about. Let's just say if I can pull it off it will be fun, and it will help my vocal abilities.

As it is tearing apart greyhounds tonight, depending on who is home I might try my hand at rerecording the vocals.

I did some takes months ago, and let me tell you they were BAD.

I need to speak to Paul about recording guitars at his place, I have an acoustic at my house but it's..just an acoustic I can't seem to get mic placement right with it so i can't record it. I was considering throwing some things down on real tape..cassette tape, but I dunno how I feel about dry vocals.

Schedule for this week:

Greyhounds, pull apart put back together.
Shoegaze stuff
Untitled #4 drum beat.

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