Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Common Law Marriage

Well, going down to Southern Oregon over the next few days, no updates from down there, as I won't have intertubes. Which is good. I want to rejuvenate myself. I have been pretty down on working on stuff. Even though I DID write the most amazing piano part for Escapism last night, I am now referring to it as "Away with Words".

I was complaining to one of my roommates about not knowing how to solder and how I wanted to fix the broken ESQ1, but couldn’t afford to/didn't want to pay someone to look at it, and he says, "I can solder anything." So I pull out the broken ESQ1 and he solders it in and voila I now have two ESQ1’s. The keyboard doesn’t work for some reason, but I wasn’t willing to look at it last night. When I get back I am going to try and get it at full specs then probably flip it and buy back my DW8000.

Back to Escapism, I never fully liked the song. I thought there was more we could do with it but we didn't. I am bringing the little midi board and the laptop with me; so hopefully on some down time I am going to fix up Escapism some more. I have MOST of the lyrics written so it's on the chopping block.

This weekend I am going to be putting the finishing touches on Separation Anxiety and Away with Words. I keep telling Tara I am going to work on Manhattans but I haven't got around to it yet. Sorry Tara :-/
I was discussing with Paul about how to do the album, if I should do two eps or one full album, a lot of the songs reference the same things and the ones that Travis and I were working on had been written AFTER the original songs, so they reference the original 5 songs. I can't really release the 5 songs, as it won't make much sense in the grand scheme of writing things.

So Paul suggests two EP's one of older stuff rewritten now. What that means I need to think of names for two that sort of go together or at least are a running theme. The songs that are going to be involved are, as of right now:

E.P 1

The Santa Monica Pier
Subtle Changes of The House
A Cartoon Sketch of a Decent Sensitive Guy

E.P 2

Separation Anxiety
Alternate Separation
Away With words

I will go through figure out what will work what won't etc, and well basically see what happens.

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