Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wow I'm lazy

I haven't posted in about a month cause I have been in and out of Portland, I went to Nashville for a week. Talked shop with my stepfather, got some ideas on better drum placement.

I picked up my two guitars while I was there. One is an Epiphone Les Paul II, which is a total piece-o-junk BUT, I am hopefully going to do a KP1 mod to it, and if so it's going to be amazing.

Then I bought a Lawsuit Gibson Les Paul, which is basically an Identical copy of a regular les paul for about 1200 dollars cheaper. Dude was kind enough to put in some really awesome pickups so now I have an amazing LP.

So I got it and I was like WTF I need an amp. So I went down to trade up and bought a Peavey Stereo Chorus 212. Which is basically the amp I wanted(I used to have one). So that worked out nicely.

The shoegaze hasn't been worked on, but Planes has a bit. I am getting ideas for things. Just been knee deep in Math homework so i can't do anything.

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