Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sarah's playing guitar in front of the G5 and talking about how vain her friends are. I don't know them so...I don't know what to say. I am constantly being reminded about how she is such a better guitar player than I am. The Cancer years are moving at a steady clip, that is nice. It's nice just being able to think about small parts instead of the larger whole. We have more people now to do those things so it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I got really sick so I haven't been writing anything. Sinus infection(first one ever) turned into two ear infections so much so that the doctor I went to see couldn't see into my ear canals. Lots of pills later and I am ok. I really really hate ear drops though.

I have been reading in the off time I haven't been writing. I started and finished The Vampire Lestat and Memnoch the Devil. I can't make it through Blood and Gold. I keep trying but its just not happening. She cannot make me care about Marius at all. So instead I am making my way through "Dionysus, Myth and Occult" which I have to put down like ever two pages because it's a heavy read.

I always wonder if people add in labels as they type on here. I do. New subject add in a label. Makes it easier to remember? I dunno. Sarah, Selena, Sam and I are all moving into this house next month. So we will be free to do whatever it is that we do. I suspect it won't be very much.

Also, I have started obsessively watching True Blood.

Hopefully the game plan right now is to finish the Horror short story, which is turning into a longer story that i am tying into certain other things in my head. We shall see how it turns out. I need to stop planning things cause they never go how I think they will.

ok! Time to go cuddle with Sarah.

PS. The Japanese band Mono is absolutely amazing.

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