Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tut tut tut

So I wrote up this thing the other day about how The Cancer Years was playing a show and how we had some new members and what not, but then I forgot to post it. I left it alone on my work computer and I went off to the wonderful world of Woodburn for a wedding. Well it's technically old news now and old news is no news thanks to Michael Jackson. So I will post it just because, here it is:

I have been writing like no other, pouring over journals and notes and little scraps of paper. I’m trying to write my Moby Dick. There is no great whale though. Or there is, depends on how you look at it. Though, there really wasn’t one in Moby Dick either if you really think about it, but I digress. Erick seems to think the books a great idea, though he thinks I should shorten it into a Novella. I am on the fence about that as I don’t really want to cut out the bulk of it which is Nashville. I could do it without Nashville and make that separate but it all has to go together for it to make any lick o’ sense. I don’t know. While all of that simmers (and I keep writing.) I have been writing some short story companions. I have been trying my hand at different writing styles. So far receptions been warm to everything, the only person who hasn’t liked it has been Sarah, but I think she’s biased. So yeah things are going as well as they can. I would imagine.

The Cancer Years got two new band members, Jesse on keys/bass and Sarah on keys/violin/glockenspiel. Were also playing a bunch of shows soon, one this weekend, right after the wedding. So that is something. The Venetian School is taking part in a remix contest put on by Sage Francis’s record label Strange Famous Records. I'm trying to see if any of the original members of the band want to get in on it with me, two heads are better than one. Asking Gene and maybe Sarah, wish I could ask Sam but it seems he has washed his hands of the project. So, we’ll see how that will go. I am actually trying to use Logic as more than just a recording suite on this, so it’s a learning process.

Crystals wedding is this weekend, and I have another two hours of work then I am off for five days. So I will spend my time writing guitar parts for The Cancer years, writing in the book, and trying my hand at remixing.

So….There we go.

WELL, we are now a week later. Played the show, It went…ok. Dudes from the Beautiful Mistake really liked it which is nice as they are like “kinds of famous.” We are playing another show in like eight days. We need to practice. We tried to play a song none of us knew and it sounded like a mess, or what Butt Trumpet sounded like from what I remember. Still writing still trying to pull ideas, ideas are the easy part execution is another. Planes had the same problem, I was all ideas no follow through. So I am trying to make sure everything I want to do end up happening. It seems I keep getting stuck though. The caveat I am trying to do is no easy task, but hell of Kerouac can do it so can I right? What did he have that I don’t?

The roommates are in Belize and I pretty much have the house to myself which is nice and quiet. Hopefully that means I can get a whole bunch done. I am fighting to not spend the whole time Killing 12 year olds in CoD Death match. I might force myself to finish at least one of the short stories first. Or at least write another thousand words in one, after that I could play.

I often find myself thinking about who designed the Microsoft Word Dictionary. Who had the job to go in and make sure that every word in the English language is in it and spelled correctly? I want to speak to this person … or people.

Oh and the remix was a complete waste of time. Why did Sage have to pick the song that’s like 300bpm. Seriously.

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